Test Setup

Listener Preparation:

Participants must pre-select their favorite classic artists so multiple resolutions of that artist’s top songs can be acquired or produced.

The same headphones must be used for each song.

Allow them to use their own headphones of any variety, if better than stock defaults, and they are their regular use headphones. Don’t allow them to use new or unfamiliar headphones, if possible.

Explain the basic parameters and rules for the test. See script for detailed explanation.


Song Preparation:

Search for various resolutions of the same song for popular songs from favorite artists.

There must be 24bit versions available commercially to use in the test. No up-sampling is allowed.

Due to a variety of factors, older artists will have more 24bit material. This is why we are asking for classic artists, not modern artists.

MP3’s and AAC’s should be commercially purchased and not prepared manually.

Collect all the versions of the same 1-2 songs in a folder on the hard drive.