Script for React Listening Test

Today we have a challenge for you. We are going to test your reaction to different qualities of sound. We aren’t going to tell you what we are changing, just that you will hear some familiar songs and you should react.

<react image>

We are focusing on the quality of delivery to you, meaning how good it sounds and not the song itself, so go ahead and enjoy yourself. Sing and dance if you feel compelled (long headphone cord).

How you react to music you love is what we are studying. You will hear most of each song twice. Afterwards you will be asked which version you liked better.

Play favorite song 1in a random resolution.


Play it again as 2nd format, show viewer if it’s up or down. Always play at least half the song.

Score is simple better/worse than previous.  Show this as the first column of four.

1- the listener’s initial vote,

[Edit point to reveal that] We are scoring on multiple columns, or bands, today. The host is going to score based on observation,

2 – the host’s vote based on observation,

Then you are going to react to your reaction and score yourself again.  Let viewer watch their initial reactions.

3 – the listener reviewing their reaction.

Finally, we’ll add some sensor data from your fitness tracker to see if our opinions are reflected in our movements.


4 – the sensor data readings


This completes favorite song 1. Show score tally.

Repeat for favorite song 2.