Collinwood Sun LLC creates. It then attempts to sell what it creates. The fun is in the first part, that’s for sure. Over the years we’ve published multiple music projects and several software projects.

Our latest project will soon hit the Apple App Store.

Enjoy some of our previously published works!

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Music Production

A big part of our business is Music Production:

  • Pure Analog signal chain to multitrack tape
  • Digital Multitrack production up to 24bit/96k
  • 20 years of tracking and engineering experience
  • Lead engineer on several LP’s in multiple genres
  • O&O of nice low-end theory studio “The Flux-adel Recording Division”
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Music Publishing

Our music publishing experience includes:

  • ASCAP Music Publisher member since 2010
  • ASCAP Artist member since 2010
  • SoundExchange Artist member since 2010
  • Published music tracks have been distributed worldwide
  • Relationships with Professional Mastering Engineers
  • Digital Distribution deals through TuneCore, CDBaby, & ReverbNation


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Sound Science

Music is a passion, and sound is the science behind music. But sadly, the study of sound often times removes music from the equation. This, in essence, makes it bad science.

Collinwood Sun is involved with several ventures to help improve the understanding and study of music as sound, such as promoting hi-res audio extensively, exposing lossy schemes that degrade our art, and devising new listening test models to improve the accuracy of data reporting.

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