Collinwood Sun doesn’t just create software. We are a music publishing house with several artists in our collection. We are member of ASCAP since 2010.

Here is a partial list of releases published through Collinwood Sun Music. Most of these should be available worldwide on your music platform of choice.

  • 2MERICA: Record Profits (LP, 2005)
  • 2MERICA: Sensors&Switches&Buttons (LP, 2007)
  • 2MERICA: Mass Entertainment (EP, 2012)
  • 2MERICA: Scherzo Elskorpion (LP, 2019)
  • 2MERICA: The Travels of Crooked Lip Jack (LP, 2020)
  • 2MERICA: On High (LP, 2021)
  • EZRAZ: License Punch Out! (EP, 2008)
  • EZRAZ: Music For Spiderbots (LP, 2010)
  • EZRAZ: Slow Rise (EP, 2012)
  • EZRAZ: Dragonfly Milk (LP, 2019)
  • WINNIE ROSE: The Nightlight Aria (Single, 2012)
  • WINNIE ROSE: The Last American Fleet (LP, 2020)
  • ROAMING CRAZY: 20/20 (EP, 2020)

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