Test Parameters

Song Playback Rules:

Each song is played to at least it’s middle point, or after the chorus/hook has played at least twice.

Listener can pause for a few moments, especially to talk to the host. Listener can also pull headphones off or to the side to talk to host.

Listener is allowed to rewind but it is not encouraged.

Rewinds are to approximately 10 seconds prior in the song.

Allow starting over, one time only, if requested.

Listener is allowed to see the cover art but nothing hinting at the quality version.

There should be no volume leveling except for the listener riding the volume.


Song Preparation:

Participants must pre-select their favorite classic artists so multiple resolutions of that artist’s top songs can be acquired or produced.

There must be 24bit versions available commercially to use in the test. No up-sampling is allowed.

Due to a variety of factors, older artists will have more 24bit material. This is why we are asking for classic artists, not modern artists.

MP3’s and AAC’s should be commercially purchased and not prepared manually from higher resolutions.


Music File Resolutions

(from lowest to highest quality)

192k MP3 through phone – YouTube default

320k MP3 through phone – YouTube HD, Google Play

256k AAC through phone – iTunes and Apple Music

320k MP3 through good DAP

16bit FLAC through good DAP – CD – lossless

24bit FLAC through good DAP – hi-res