Scoring & Findings

Why 4 scoring bands?

1- First playback can by boosted by excitement at hearing the song for the first time that day. Loving songs is more powerful, immediate, and social than noticing quality. First version played can have an advantage.

First playback will also show effects from volume changes. Since there is no automatic volume leveling, some versions will be louder than others.

2- Host’s vote based on observation allows an outside party to observe the strength of non-verbal and verbal reactions to the unheard music.

3- Listener reviewing their own reactions allow them to see personal ticks and tells – concentration, looking away, tapping, facial expressions, etc. that indicate emotional response to the music.

4- Sensor readings provide hard numbers to correlate as bodily excitement – movement, heart rate, possibly standing, steps, glucose levels, GPS.


Blinded Experiments


Lossy Compression