ROKU Channel Development

Roku is an exciting new platform for streaming TV. It is similar to other products like AppleTV in that your channels are similar to apps and can be installed and removed through the channel store.

Roku is currently the most popular product of it’s type in North America, and they offer several ┬ástreaming boxes to hook into TV’s, starting at $50. The little box has a few ports and good wifi, runs linux, and generally makes you forget cable TV ever existed.

(Cable TV + Broadband + Netflix + Hulu = ~ $140/month; $1680 annual)
(Roku box + Broadband + Netflix + Hulu = ~ $80/month + $50 once; $1010 annual)

Channels can be private – meaning not available through the Roku store but can be loaded into a Roku account & box from a web browser; or public – meaning available to the world from everyone’s Roku box. The transaction can be free, 1-time purchase, or subscription based.

Here’s the cute little thing that sits by your screen:

We have begun developing channels for this quickly growing platform, and can do so for you as well. Contact us if interested in a Roku channel for your media business.


2 thoughts on “ROKU Channel Development

    • Sorry I didn’t see this message on my wordpress. Are you still interested in Roku development?

      If so, please email jodiniza at me dot com.

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