Collinwood Sun Rising

Good news and progress happening here. We are going to begin “moving” online first, by properly registering and promoting Collinwood Sun around the internet.

Collinwood yards, USA, late 1940's
Collinwood yards, USA, late 1940’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[ See – I’ve been kinda an outsider to and have hated facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc., and have used almost none of them to properly promote and participate as Collinwood Sun. We help promote our music artists but don’t do much promoting of the parent company. ]

But the Sun will be rising soon, with official pages on all the major services.

When Life Is Hard You Have To Change

Progress is being made at securing the new location for Collinwood Sun. In case you were wondering, you haven’t been invited down yet since our current office facilities are mobile and our production facilities are private. But work is being done to bring them together into one glorious location – a grand old-school gesture that could be the catalyst for many future projects. Stay tuned for information on this exciting new adventure.